Sister Inmate is a Los Angeles-based community organization that supports the victims affected by incarceration; not by choice, but by 

affiliation. In some way, we are all incarcerated, too. 

We educate society on the prison system’s negative effects, raising awareness. Our passionate team of licensed therapists guide the victims 

affected by incarceration, providing healing. We go into the prison facility to teach life skills to those incarcerated, creating hope.

We are here to help transform the justice system and reduce the recidivism rate, one loved one at a time. 

Carlee Santarelli

When Carlee was 12 years old, a devastation struck her family. Her 19-year-old brother killed his wife. He was to serve two life sentences without parole. Denied an appeal and a post-conviction 

relief hearing, it was clear to Carlee and her family that the possibility of her brother's release was zero to none. Ten years into his incarceration, Carlee’s brother took his life while on suicide 


"I grew up thinking that the passing of a loved one would be the absolute hardest thing anyone could go through. It's incredibly heartbreaking to experience a loved one committing a crime. But I

realized that what my brother had experienced during his time behind bars was far worse than my experience with his death. 


The pain I felt after his death was coupled with a sense of relief. He was free of his mental illnesses, his memories of sexual abuse, all of the self-mutilation. He was no longer suffering.

What my brother did was wrong. Though I do believe that there should be consequences for such actions, the way in which society deals with the people who commit these crimes is inhumane

and even more damaging. It’s a fact that 3 out of 4 inmates will reoffend once they are released back into society, and this is what we need to help prevent.”

Carlee is the founder of Sister Inmate, a Los Angeles-based community organization shifting the conversation around the criminal justice system. An activist for prisoner support and education-based incarceration, Carlee dedicates her life to supporting the family and friends of those incarcerated all while making communities a safer place to live in.